Bicycle - Walk

Instead of sitting in a car or bus each morning, consider hopping on a bicycle and peddling to work.

Bicycling and other non-motorized commute modes such as walking or jogging not only get you out of traffic, they also help you improve your health.

If you only want to bicycle or walk one way, try riding the bus the other. All STA busses are equipped with bike racks.

Need help getting started? Spokane's Bike Buddy Program, coordinated by the Spokane Bicycle Club, matches experienced bicycle commuters with those looking for tips and guidance in learning how to use their bicycle for transportation.

For more information on Spokane's Bike Buddy program, visit Spokane Bicycle Club or send an e-mail to

In addition, click to view a map of bike routes and facilities throughout Spokane County provided by Spokane Regional Transportation Council.