This November, the CTR office wants to encourage you and your employees to start your day fresh, not frazzled by using commute alternatives like carpooling, walking, riding the bus, vanpooling or bicycling. Helping commuters save money, enjoy more social and relax time, commute alternatives also help reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and air pollutants making the Inland Northwest a better place to live, work and play. Plus, with winter on its way there are many other benefits to commute alternatives during winter months as well. Here’s a few:

  • Studies shows that city transit is over 70% safer than driving in your vehicle
  • More free time when you’re not sitting behind the wheel navigating the icy roads
  • More time to enjoy the winter landscape
  • If you are the driver, you have company to help you relax more and enjoy your commute more
  • Less low level ozone, which helps our air quality improve

To help you out ETC, we’ve created this toolkit with posters, email messages and graphics.

Fresh not Frazzled Poster 8.5 X 14
Email Messages



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