Celebrating fewer cars on the road and improved air quality! 

Spokane County’s annual “Way to Go” Awards Event brings together the business community, elected officials, and sustainability advocates to honor the leadership and extraordinary efforts taken to promote Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) efforts in and around our area in 2017.

The Washington State Commute Trip Reduction Law was passed in 1991 as part of the Clean Air Act and was updated in 2006 as the CTR Efficiency Act. Over 130 businesses participate and promote participation in their CTR program by encouraging employees to carpool, ride the bus, vanpool, bike, walk, work from home and/or compress their work schedule. As a result of the Commute Trip Reduction program, over 6,300 fewer vehicle trips are taken, reducing over 136,000 miles driven EACH DAY in Spokane County, annually reducing over 1.6 million trips and nearly 35 million miles from being driven on our roadways and reducing over 33,500 metric tons in carbon monoxide emissions!

The coveted Pinnacle Award was given to three businesses that have gone far beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate a firm understanding of the true benefits of trip reduction activities -- cleaner air, healthier employees, reduced traffic and an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Spokane County.

The 2017 Pinnacle Award winners were:   

City of Medical Lake Pinnacle Award Winner

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City of Medical Lake

Alorica - Holley Mason Pinnacle Award Winner

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Alorica - Holley Mason

Guardian Life Insurance Company Pinnacle Award Winner

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Guardian Life Insurance Company


The All Star Team Award is designed to honor an outstanding worksite CTR Committee. Active CTR committees are invaluable at large worksites and often come up with fun and creative ideas to promote and encourage CTR. Committee members act as building or department representatives by answering questions, keeping employees informed and encouraging participation.

The 2017 All Star Team is a 7-member committee at:

2017 All Star Team The Davenport Hotels

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Management support is critical to the success of each employer’s CTR program and this support is shown by providing resources including time, money, enthusiasm and commitment. When managers take an active role in their CTR program, or lead by example, it can encourage more employees to participate.

The four All Star Executives recognized for their outstanding CTR support were:

All Star Executive Randy Rudin

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All Star Executive Doug Ennett

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All Star Executive Jeff Bryant

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All Star Executive Dr. Mary Cullinan

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Another very special group of Way to Go Award winners is the All Star Coaches. These Employee Transportation Coordinators, or ETCs, get personally involved with employees to help them find the best commute alternative. Each All Star Coach has a personal commitment to commute alternatives and "walks their talk." They continually work to enhance their CTR program to better meet employee needs.

The four 2017 All Star Coaches recognized were:

All Star Coach Stacia Bowers
Stacia Bowers - Spokane Transit

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All Star Coach Mark Hazelton
Mark Hazelton - Engie Insigh, formally Ecova

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All Star Coach Felicia Irsih
Felicia Irish - City of Medical Lake

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All Star Coach Jana Augenstine
Jana Augenstine - WSDOT, Eastern Region

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Also recognized were the 2016 Most Valuable Commuters. MVCs are individuals who demonstrate a commitment in using a commute alternative, frequency of use and serving as an advocate by encouraging fellow employees to discover the alternatives to driving alone.

The 12 Most Valuable Commuters recognized were:

Congratulations to all the 2017 winners! Their commitment to clean air, mobility and preserving the quality of life, which makes Spokane a special place to live, is tremendous. Way to Go!