The Way to Go Award for "All Star Team" is designed to honor an outstanding worksite CTR Committee. Many employers have formed committees to assist the worksite ETC in promoting commute alternatives and communicating with employees. Active CTR committees are invaluable at large worksites and often come up with fun and creative ideas. Committee members act as building or department representatives by answering questions, keeping employees informed and encouraging participation.

Such is the case with our 2016 All Star Team. Nominated by their ETC and selected by the CTR Recognition Committee, this committee is made up of seven volunteers who work hard to help plan and set goals for the CTR program at their diverse and challenging worksite. Nearly all the members "walk their talk", which is a tremendous advantage in planning and promoting commute trip reduction activities. Each team member works in a different area of the campus, bringing different expertise to the table, in addition to helping promote CTR in their area. With over 1,200 employees this committee is an invaluable asset to the ETC.

Meeting monthly to strategize and set goals has been very successful for upcoming events. Offering suggestions and helping the ETC ensures the best use of resources and successful events. This committee was instrumental in the successful 2016 CTR survey, achieving a 6.1 percent reduction in their drive alone rate from their previous survey. They recently initiated the "Greener Ride" employee Q&A feature in their Sustainability Newsletter. Each month they feature a “Green Commuter” and recognize them for their use of commute alternatives.

The CTR committee has increased the capacity for the ETC. They have allowed him to do more CTR activities that he wouldn't have been able to do alone. They are active and dedicated champions of this work and have helped tremendously to promote the CTR program amongst staff and faculty. I am pleased to announce the 2016 All Star Team Award goes to the CTR Committee from Gonzaga University.