The Way to Go Awards for outstanding commitment to commute alternatives by an organization is called the Pinnacle Award. As the name implies, the employers who receive this award each year have gone far beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate a firm understanding of the true benefits of trip reduction activities -- cleaner air, healthier employees, reduced traffic and an overall enhancement of the quality of life in Spokane County. In addition to a well-rounded CTR program, the selection of a Pinnacle Award winner is made after consideration of management support, ETC commitment and participation, continued enhancement of the worksite's CTR program and demonstrating an innovative approach to trip reduction strategies. They are Spokane County's true CTR champions.

The Pinnacle Award goes to an employer who has consistently maintained a well-rounded program since coming into the program in 2002. Located in downtown Spokane, where parking is a premium, this employer offers transit and vanpool subsidies, preferred parking for their carpoolers, safe storage for bicycles, showers, lockers and a guaranteed ride home. In addition, teleworking and compressed work schedules are also offered. Participants are eligible for prize drawings for gift cards and movie tickets. During Bike to work week, bike specific prizes are offered to participants.

Management support is quite evident with this employer. From the many different CTR elements offered to their employees, to the time and resources given to their ETC to promote their program, it all adds up for a successful CTR program.

During their 2015 CTR survey, this worksite achieved 100% response rate and achieved their drive alone goal of a 10.5% reduction. This employer has also showed their support for CTR, by sponsoring the Spokane County Bike Swap for the last four years. ETC longevity also helps a worksite’s CTR program. This employer has had the same ETC since coming into the program 15 years ago! In that time, she’s attended nearly every ETC networking event, totaling 75 events to date.

This very dedicated ETC actively promotes their CTR program to over 200 employees and walks her talk by carpooling to work nearly every day. Since she began logging her trips, she has saved nearly 1,600 trips reducing nearly 8,000 miles on our road ways. Dedication is truly a word to describe this ETC.

We are pleased to honor Inland Northwest Health Services with a 2016 Pinnacle Award.