Ground level ozone is becoming a big concern in our area. Bad ozone, also known as ground level ozone remains close to the earth’s surface where we live, work and play and can be harmful to breath in.

During the summer months ground level ozone is created when air pollutants are combined with the hot summer sun. This creates a chemical reaction that produces ground level ozone. These pollutants include:

  • Car Exhaust
  • Fuel Vapors
  • Paints and Solvents
  • Aerosols
  • Gas Powered Equipment

Breathing ground level ozone can trigger many health problems for people of all ages, especially for those who already suffer from lung diseases like asthma.

What can you do to help fight this pesky, ground level air pollutant? It’s easier than you think, consider a commute alternative like carpooling, riding your bike, vanpooling, riding the bus and walking. Fewer cars on the road means less gas used and less exhaust produced. If you need to drive, be efficient as possible, combine errands, don’t idle and refuel after 6pm.

Other ways you can help mow down air pollution include:

Switch to electric lawn and garden equipment, you’ll cut your fuel costs, plus reduce air pollutants going into our air.

Use low or zero VOC paints and solvents. They’ve come a long way in their effectiveness, they’re less harmful to our air quality and they’re better for you too!

You can learn more about keeping our air clean at SpokaneCleanAir.og

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Special thanks to Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for sponsoring our July and August clean air campaign!


Thanks to everyone who participated in “Ride Transit Month” and helped make it such a success! Now that you know the many perks of city transit we hope you continue to take advantage of the benefits of riding the bus and help encourage others to give it a try too!

The Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Office would like to thank Transportation Choices for hosting this event and Hot Start and Spokane Transit for sponsoring it.


Thank you to everyone who


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