This summer, Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Office and Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency are teaming up. We want to talk about the difference between good ozone, bad or ground level ozone and how helping make a difference can also help you WIN!

Ground level ozone forms when pollutants from motor vehicles, industry, and certain products (paints, solvents, etc…) combine and react chemically in the sunlight. During summer months, strong sunlight and hot temperatures result in higher levels of bad ozone in the air we breathe. Not only does this hurt us by triggering a variety of health problems, but it also creates havoc with the good ozone!

The easiest way to remember this is “Good up High, Bad Nearby!”

Help reduce ground level ozone! There are lots of things we can do to help; use commute alternatives like walking, carpooling, riding the bus, vanpooling and riding your bike, when possible, try to combine trips, limit your idle time, refuel after 6pm and never top off your tank.

To learn more about other things, you can do and the difference between good and ground level ozone as well as their effect on our planet and us visit

Make a difference, WIN big! During each month of July and August when you use a commute alternative and track it on you could WIN 1 of these great monthly prizes!

  • Participate 1X; You could WIN 1 of 15 prize drawings for a free MyTrips t-shirt and Dutch Bros. beverage card.
  • Participate 5X; you could WIN 1 of 6 $25 gift cards or a $100 gift card!


Don't forget! You have until July 8th to fill out your commute calendar and qualify for our June prize drawings.

  • Win 1 of 15 monthly prize drawings for a free MyTrips t-shirt and Dutch Bros. beverage card by participating once!
  • Win 1 of 4 - $25 gift cards by participating 5X! (courtesy of the City of Medical Lake).

For more information about commute alternatives, their benefits and how you can win, contact your worksite ETC.


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