It’s February and love is in the air, unfortunately so is pollution!

That’s why Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction office is pairing up with the Spokane Clean Air Agency to send a valentine and spread the love for commute alternative and clean air!

During the winter months, air quality levels can become very poor as levels of particulate matter (particles that make smoke) and carbon monoxide (vehicle emissions) become quite high! This poor air quality can actually be visible to the eye and can be very unhealthy for everyone!

Why? Roaring fireplaces, wood stoves, added traffic congestion and vehicles idling, this added to industrial emissions can really add up!

What can you do? The simplest and most effective thing you can do is considering using a commute alternative as an alternative to driving alone. Commute alternatives like walking, carpooling, bicycling vanpooling, riding your bicycle or the bus help reduce traffic congestion, air pollutants and fuel consumption as well! Remember, ridesharing can reduce anywhere from 2 up to 40 or more cars from the road helping to reduce air pollutants! Walking and bicycling helps reduce traffic congestion and you don’t emit any air pollutants at all! So show the air and yourself some love this February.

Plus, when you use a commute alternative and keep track of it on your commute calendar, you could win a free MyTrips t-shirt and Dutch Bros. beverage card! It’s a WIN WIN!

For more information on what commute alternatives might be right for you or how you can win, contact your worksite Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) today!

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