During the winter months, our air quality goes down and I don’t mean falling snow!

There’s always more traffic for the holidays, vehicles are left idling and fireplaces are set to roaring. When you compile this on what is already considered normal year around emissions our air doesn’t seem like a winter wonderland. On top of this, cold and stagnate air create temperature inversions that act like the lid on top a pot, trapping all those particles down low around us.

Help us put the brakes on air pollution this winter, consider using a commute alternative like walking, riding the bus, carpooling, riding your bicycle or vanpooling. Using them helps reduce air pollutants, fuel consumptions, traffic congestion, helps you save money and you avoid the stress of winter travel.

Also, consider adopting clean air practices in your daily routine! Burning clean helps reduce fine smoke particles that escape through your chimney while you’re enjoying that nice warm fire.

During the month of December, use a commute alternative 4X and you could be a WINNER!

Special thanks to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for sponsoring our CTR December campaign and for helping to make the Inland Northwest a better place to live, work and play!

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