Who doesn’t like to watch their savings account or pocket book grow? It’s as fulfilling as watching the trees bud and the flowers bloom during spring.

During May, MyCommute.org wants to help you “Spring into Savings” by encouraging you to give a commute alternative a try and the chance to WIN while doing it! Just walk, ride your bike, vanpool, ride the bus or carpool to work and not only will you spring into savings, but keep track on your commute calendar and you could WIN!

Use a commute alternative 1 time and track it on MyCommute.org and you could win 1 of 15 prize drawings for a free MyTrips t-shirt and Dutch Bros. beverage card.

Use a commute alternative 5 times and track it and you could win 1 of 14 prize drawings below!

The Spokane County CTR Office would like to thank these local businesses for their generous donations to helping encourage the use of commute alternative and helping to make the Inland Northwest a more beautiful place to live, work and play!

One of the great things about using commute alternatives is the amount you could save on your commuting costs. The average person can spend $1.97 every day commuting to work, that’s $39.49 a month and $473.89 yearly. This only for fuel, you add in maintenance and other costs and it adds up.

Something else that adds up is air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption! Use an alternative mode just once a week and you could still have a significant impact on our community, the environment and your health all while watching your savings grow!

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