This November, let’s give thanks for our clean air by showing how much we care!

Your Spokane County CTR office is teaming up with the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency to talk about how we can help care for the air we breathe! It’s winter and as the temperatures continue to drop so does the quality of air we breathe here in the Inland Northwest. Air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption are already problems we face in our communities, and as the weather gets colder roaring fireplaces, wood stoves, and idling vehicles increase pollutants in our air such as particulate matter (smoke from those wood stoves and fireplaces) and carbon monoxide (from those motor vehicles). These air pollutants can actually get so bad you can see them in the cold air.

On top of all this, as the weather changes it creates a temperature inversion; normally during other seasons or conditions, warm air rises and the wind can help reduce and carry away pollutants. During temperature inversions warm air acts like a lid trapping cold air near the ground where we breathe along with all the pollutants that come from fireplaces, wood stoves and motor vehicle exhaust.

This winter let’s show how thankful we are for the air we breathe by considering a few of these clean air suggestions:

  • Try using a commute alternative such as walking, riding the bus, vanpooling and bicycling, carpooling or even teleworking. Not only will you be helping reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption, you’ll also be saving money, reducing you stress and increasing your personal free time.
  • When using your wood stove or fireplace always make sure to follow clean burning practices. You can check Spokane’s burn status and clean burn rules here.
  • When it’s just not possible to use a commute alternative, always try to limit the time you leave your car idling and when possible turn it off.

And don’t forget about the other perks of using a commute alternative; you can earn MyTrips rewards and the opportunity to win in the MyTrips drawings! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a commute alternative like bicycling, walking, riding the bus, vanpooling, carpooling,
  2. Be sure to mark it on you commute calendar before the 8th of the following month.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2!
  4. WIN, WIN, WIN!

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