June is Ride Transit Month!

It’s all about recognizing the benefits of public transit, celebrating those who use it, and encouraging others to get on board!

Whether it’s reading or playing a game, riding the bus allows for greater freedom to do more leisurely things, so you truly can work, play or relax while you commute. A single bus load can remove 40 vehicles from the roads during rush hour, save over 18,000 gallons of gas and prevent over 170 tons of emissions in a year! It also reduces your commuting costs and the wear and tear on your personal car too!

During Ride Transit Month, you could become a Gold, Silver or Bronze WINNER too! Ride the bus, carpool, walk, vanpool or ride your bike, keep track on MyCommute.org, and you’ll automatically be entered into local and statewide Ride Transit Month drawings!

WIN Locally

  • 1 Gold - $100 Gift Card (Participate 12X)
  • 10 Silver - Monthly Bus Pass (Participate 8X)
  • 6 Bronze - $25 Gift Card (Participate 4X)

Statewide you could WIN gift cards, amazing prizes and more!

You can also take the pledge to ride the bus at RideTransitMonth.org for even more chances to WIN!

The Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Office would like to thank Transportation Choices for hosting this event and Hot Start and Spokane Transit for sponsoring it.



We hope everyone who participated in Bike Everywhere Month had a great time and if you took the National Bike Challange, be proud of your accomplishment. Becuase even if it was only 1 mile, you made a difference and remember, just becuase May is over doesn't mean you shouldn't try to Bike Everywhere still!

Don't forget, the May calendar closes on June 8th so make sure you have yours filled out so you can be part of our drawings to win 1 of 10 awesome bicycle safety swag bags! With everything included in our bags, you can be sure that you can see where your going and always be seen!


Tools for Nominating 

Previous WTG Winners



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