Did you know that riding the bus helps support some of the main goals of living a healthy lifestyle?

Breathing fresh air, being physically active and avoiding excessive stress, these are all important to being mentally and physically healthy.

Pollution is estimated to cause as many deaths per year as traffic accidents and public transit produces less pollution than cars per passenger mile.

A body in motion stays in motion (don’t laugh, it’s true). People who ride the bus get more physical activity in a day by walking to stops and final destinations vs people who drive automobiles.

Face it, driving a car is stressful. According to studies, riding the bus is significantly safer than driving a car. About 60 times safer to be exact! And less cars on the road means less traffic congestion and be honest, who doesn’t get stressed out looking at traffic congestion?

But let’s not forget about our mental health! Riding the bus means you get to do other things like socializing, reading a book, playing a game or catching a few zzzzz’s. All very important activities that help improve brain function, cognitive memory and learning skills!

There’s also the money saving aspect of riding the bus. According to a study done by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the average bus rider saves over $600 dollars a month and over $8,000 annually. Wow, it’s time for that dream vacation!

So if you haven’t yet, get out and give a commute alternative such as riding the bus, carpooling, walking, vanpooling, riding a bike or even teleworking a try. Your body, brain, pocket book and community will thank you!

For more info on commute alternatives and how to get started contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator.

Don't forget, our MyTrips campaign is wrapping up!

As of January 1, the MyTrips campaign has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who participated, together we helped make a difference!

Don’t forget though, we still have our final rewards that will be sent out after the calendar closes on January 8th. Also we’ll be holding our final quarterly drawing for everyone who used a commute alternative at 15 times or more and kept track of it. 3 lucky commuters will win 1 of 3 prizes, an iPad Air, a FitBit Surge or a $500 Visa gift card! Make sure to get those commute calendars filled out so you don’t miss out!

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