This November, let’s talk about carpooling and how it’s a great way to start your day fresh instead of frazzled.

In fact, commute alternatives like carpooling, walking, riding the bus, bicycling, or vanpooling are all great ways to start the day off right and a perfect way to decompress after work.

Carpooling is a great example! Having someone to share the ride with gives you the chance to socialize and share, this helps ease stress so you can relax more. It’s also a great opportunity to prepare for your day. Plus, you're saving money when you share the cost of the commute, and the more people in the carpool, the more you save! Also, each person in the carpool means one less car on the road reducing traffic congestion. Less traffic means reduced air pollutants too! And of course, it’s a great opportunity to decompress while you’re headed home.

So, there you have it, using a commute alternative truly can help you start your day fresh and not frazzled. And it’s also an opportunity to WIN! If you use a commute alternative once and track it on our site, you’ll automatically be entered to WIN 1 of 15 free Dutch Bros. beverage cards and MyTrips t-shirt!

Be sure and contact you Employee Transportation Coordinator for help getting started!


Thanks, everyone who participated in this Octobers Wheel Options campaign. Don't forget to fill out your calendars by the 8th to be eligible to win some great prizes! 


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